How to Stop a Toddler Tantrum
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Perhaps the most infuriating stage of parenthood is when your child reaches the time when tantrums seem to be his only means of expression. In the "terrible twos" - or threes, fours and beyond - these full-on freakouts might happen seemingly... Read More
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Healthy Kids Snacks That Aren't
Most kids snack between 1 and 3 times daily. These mini-mealtimes can either be an opportunity to increase your child's intake of fruits and veggies or they could be an unfortunate foray into the world...
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Makeup for Busy Moms
Whether your little one is a few months old or a few years old, when children become our main focus, almost everything else seems to go by the wayside-including our beauty routine. While we might not...
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More Fruits and Veggies, Please!
As a dietitian and a mom of three young children, I naturally have a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table. You may think that this has always been the case. The truth is that it wasn't. The practice of...
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