Are You Giving Your Baby Enough Folic Acid?
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The second week of January is Folic Acid Awareness week, and for many women of childbearing age, they may not be getting enough. This particular nutrient is important because it prevents many birth defects, particularly neural tube disorders.... Read More
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Perfect Protein Sources for Kids
Protein is an important part of every child's diet; however, some parents believe that their children may not be receiving enough of it. Surprisingly, your child is probably getting more than enough.
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Product Review: Booster Seats
It seems like just yesterday that you brought home your new bundle of joy in your carefully chosen, backward facing car seat. After miles of spills, tantrums, and on-the road snoozing, you've cycled...
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Web Tools to Keep Kids Safe Online
When the Internet first came on the scene way back when, most of us were amazed at the way the new technology would bring so many people and ideas together. We may not have considered that having the...
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