Why Your Kids Need to Unplug

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Why Your kids Need to Unplug: Texting

Kids love to text. You probably text from time to time as well. However, texting can be inappropriate under a number of circumstances, such as when your children are in school, and downright dangerous, such as when your teenager is driving and texting at the same time.

Some states, including California, Kentucky and Connecticut, prohibit drivers from texting while driving. However, this doesn't mean that your children are following the law. While you can't be sitting in the car with your child all of the time, reinforce the dangers of driving and texting, whether the driver is your kid or a friend of your child.

Why Your Kids Need to Unplug: Child Predators and Chat Rooms

People can become anyone they choose online. An out-of-shape 45-year-old cab driver can turn himself into an 18-year-old surfer dude with the touch of a keyboard. Your 12-year-old daughter can be 12 online or "suddenly" blossom into a 19-year-old co-ed. Chat rooms can be a dangerous place for children, particularly if they aren't careful about protecting their private information.

Why Your Kids Need to Unplug: Privacy

Children, even teenagers, may not realize how vulnerable they are when on the Internet, not just to child predators but to those who look to capitalize on private information that people may innocently provide online. For example, even if your teenager only lists the city where you live and happens to mention that your family will be taking a vacation next week on a social networking site, it wouldn't be too difficult for someone to track down your home address and pay your house a visit while you are out of town.