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Choosing a pediatrician is one of the first -- and most important -- rituals you'll experience as a parent. When it comes to picking your child's doctor, you want someone you can trust, which is why due diligence is integral. After all, you're putting your child's life in this person's hands - so you want him or her to be more than capable.{relatedarticles} The first step in choosing a pediatrician is going by the recommendations of your ob/gyn, friends, family, co-workers, hospital nurses and other people whose judgment you trust. Once you've compiled a list of candidates, cross reference and see which of the pediatricians is on your insurance plan. You probably won't want to pay out of pocket every time for a physician who isn't on your plan. After you've narrowed down your options, consider the office hours, the location, the billing process, the after-hours options and the hospital where the doctor has privileges, along with any other factors which are important to you.