7 Ways to Become More Confident in the Bedroom

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The models are airbrushed, the actresses coached and the storylines aren't real. It's important to remember this when evaluating your own body and relationship. Doing whatever is comfortable and works for you is what's right not what you see on a screen or in a glossy book.

Don't Obsess Over the Big "O" - It is not uncommon to hear stories of women who have been having sex for years without reaching orgasm or who think of themselves as a complete failure if their partner fails to achieve one.{relatedarticle}

Putting pressure on yourself to make sure you have an orgasm or comparing your self-worth and sexiness to your partner having one can make sex so stressful that it is no longer fun or pleasurable but instead turns into a chore or an anxious "test." Relax and let yourself be present in the moment. Focus on the feelings and stimulation you do feel instead of what you think might be missing.


Change Your Location - Bedrooms are places for sleeping but many hours of our lives are spent in this room. Bedrooms can easily turn into offices, television hideouts, dining room tables and playrooms that can squash intimacy.