7 Ways to Become More Confident in the Bedroom

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Educate Yourself - Read up on the karma sutra, watch a video, look at sexy pictures or take a pole dancing class. Anything you can do increase your knowledge of all things sexy will make it easier for you to switch things up in the boudoir if you're feeling boring or routine. This is also a good way to identify what you do and don't like. Plus, checking out risqué material is a great form of foreplay.


Fake it Until You Make It - Sure, playing Sexy Sally the Secretary might make you cringe but pretending to be into it for the sake of your partner's pleasure could end up making you feel more powerful and confident. By agreeing to new sexual experiences you will begin to feel more comfortable and the apprehension will fade.{relatedarticle}

Even if your hands are shaking or you feel like you might laugh - pin him down, don the cowgirl outfit or talk dirty. It will all be worth it in the end. However, remember that if your partner is asking you to do something you feel is unsafe or makes you extremely uncomfortable - get out of there.


Stop Looking at What Everyone Else is Doing - Watching television, flipping through a fashion magazine or trolling the internet for hours may be fine for a lazy Sunday but if you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to models, actresses or the scenes in romantic comedies you are sure to set yourself up for failure.