7 Ways to Become More Confident in the Bedroom

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We've all had a moment in the heat of passion when our heart rate is raised and our faces flush for a reason other than pleasure or passion. We're talking about pure embarassment. Whether it's that first awkward encounter with a new lover, not feeling good in a post-baby body or a general lack of experience, low self-esteem and confidence in the boudoir can be the ultimate libido buster. You're not alone and you're not doomed! Check out these 7 ways you can become more confident in the bedroom.

Grin and Bare It - Taking off your clothes in front of someone whether you've known them for a few minutes or a few years can be nerve-wracking. Insecurity about our bodies being less than perfect can put the kibosh on a passionate evening. Getting over the fear of stripping down to your skivvies can be as easy as giving yourself a reality check.{relatedarticle}

Think about your body and interactions with a partner rationally - if you don't have big breasts with your clothes on, no one will expect you to when you disrobe. If that doesn't help, try spending more time in the nude.

Even just lounging around the house or spending a few extra minutes without dressing after a shower can help you become more comfortable in your birthday suit. If all else fails, turn off the lights or leave on something that covers you and is sexy like a camisole or lacey bra.