7 Secrets to a Great Date

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Being happily married means keeping things fresh. Dates are great opportunities to escape from the everyday, methodical routine of life.  These special nights are reserved times to talk, laugh and remember the love that gets overlooked during the weekly schedule.  Time together is essential for connection.  Going on a date is a great time to look your best, flirt with each other and have POSITIVE conversation.  Dates are designed to reignite the chemistry, to remember you are man and woman (not just a Dad or Mom, a boss or an employer).  It’s a night to add deposits to the marital company. 

1. Dress Up.  There is nothing better than getting a little gussied up to feel beautiful inside and out.  I think a new outfit just may be better than Prozac.  Dressing up is a statement of your value.  When you feel good and smell good and so does your partner it increases self-confidence and your idea of feeling sexy and seeing your partner as sexy. 

2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone:  Go somewhere new.  Save your regular local restaurants for another occasion. Date nights are about keeping things new and fresh.  One of the most bonding things you can add to your marriage is creating new memories together.