Role Playing: Best-Dressed Ideas

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Photographer and Model

Have him dress up as a sexy photographer. For example, he could wear a white button-down shirt with a few buttons undone and some black slacks. Make sure he has a camera with him.

You can do one of two things with this role play. You can dress in a bikini and have him take pictures of you or you can be naked. It all depends on what scenario you want - swimsuit model or Playboy model.

As you strike a pose for the camera, flirt with him a bit to show off what you've got. He can really get into it by telling you to do different things he thinks will look good on camera.

Sexy Teacher and Student

This is a common fantasy because nearly every male student has at one time had a crush on an attractive teacher. Put a sexy teacher outfit together by wearing a tight, short skirt and body-forming shirt. Pull your hair up in a bun and find some non-prescription glasses to wear.