Role Playing: Best-Dressed Ideas

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Cheerleader and Sports Player

Having a sexual experience with a bubbly, flexible cheerleader is on most men's fantasy list. Dig out your old cheerleading outfit or purchase one. Make sure it's tight and you do your hair up with tendrils coming down to make it look sexy. Act out being a cheerleader to show off how you can bend.

If you think sports players are sexy, think of one your man can dress up as so you can fulfill the whole cheerleader with sports player scenario.

Belly Dancer/Exotic Dancer and Client

Find a belly-dancing outfit at a dance shop or sex shop. You can also find many accessories like sheer cloths, chiming bracelets, veils and music.

Have him sit down and just watch you as you shake your body around him, on him and over him. Pass the cloth over his face, wrap it around his neck to bring him closer to you, or make him follow you by grabbing onto the cloth as you lead him to the bed.