Role Playing: Best-Dressed Ideas

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Seduction is what counts here. The more you bend over him and he shows himself off, the more steamy things will get for both of you.

You can do this role play with many different types of service people, such as a pizza delivery guy and lawn care boy. Just switch up the outfits accordingly.

Trucker and Waitress

A trucker can be on the road for months, which could mean he's sexually deprived. As a sexy waitress at an overnight diner, you can help him with his sexual frustrations.

Don't think of the dirty trucker with this role play. Instead, he's the sexy trucker with his tight jeans, flannel shirt half-unbuttoned and a cute hat on his head.

Play the entire story out. He comes in, wanting coffee, pie and conversation. You, as the waitress, lean over the counter with your low-cut shirt showing off your chest as you listen intently and pat him for comfort on the arm. Pouring coffee consists of bending over him so he has nowhere to turn his head but towards your chest.