Role Playing: Best-Dressed Ideas

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The Prisoner and Prison Guard

A prisoner trapped in a cell for years with no sexual contact meets a sexy prison guard. The guard makes demands of the prisoner, such as a strip search, with some teasing and flirting, which sparks sexual tension.

Use an orange or classic black and white prisoner outfit for him and a tight, revealing cop costume for her. You can usually find these costumes during Halloween; however, if it's out of season, you can also find them in sex shops or online.

Think accessories to enhance the experience, such as handcuffs and a baton. You can handcuff him to the "cell" to have your way with him.

Repairman and Client

A sexy repairman comes to the door with his flannel shirt half-undone, with his tool belt around his waist. The client has on a sexy mini-skirt with a low-cut shirt. As he works on your plumbing, bent over the pipes to show off his assets, the client bends over to hand him the tools he needs.