Pucker Up: Tips on How to Be a Great Kisser

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Part of being a great kisser is being open with your partner about what is and is not working for you. If you've been avoiding passionate kissing with your partner, tell them what types of kisses you prefer. Or better yet, show them with your own lip-locking skills.

Kissing is a two-way street, and it's important to communicate-either verbally or physically-with your partner about what kissing techniques work best for the two of you. The best way to be a great kisser is to devote yourself entirely to the moment, both physically and mentally. Loosen-up, relax and get lost in the experience.

Of course, you'll always want to pay close attention to things like breath (avoid garlic and overly strong mints) and tongue placement (don't shove it in his mouth, or be too timid about using it), but don't get so hung up on the rules that you forget to have fun.

To be a great kisser, you have to have passion about what you are doing. So, pucker up, and enjoy the ride. In no time, you'll be a master lip-locker.