Pucker Up: Tips on How to Be a Great Kisser

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Prepare for sparks to fly by wearing a good kissable lipstick. A kissable lipstick that has little emollient, like a lip stain, works best for kissable lips. A few brands to try include Revlon's Colorstay or L'Oreal Endless Lipcolour. The key to a good kissable lipstick is finding one that doesn't come off your lips onto his face.

Tongue Kissing & Kissable Lips

Playful tongue kissing that mimics sex can act as foreplay. For maximum pleasure for both you and your partner, aim for smooth, bare, kissable lips on a warm and odor-free mouth. This should make tongue kissing a frenzied affair for both.

It's not unusual for tongue kissing "make out sessions" to wane as couples progress in their relationship, or lose focus on the importance that kissing can play in maintaining a couple's bond. If your partner has stopped or decreased tongue kissing as foreplay, it may be because he feels he has moved on to bigger and better things. Don't be afraid to reignite that flame by initiating contact, or simply saying; "Let's kiss."

Passionate kisses are those made with the purpose of making or cementing a deep connection. A passionate kiss can tell your partner, "I want more of you," or "I'm willing to trust you."

Passionate kisses can incorporate the tongue, although this is not necessary to make a connection. If you want to make your message clear through passionate kisses, there are some kiss tips you can follow.