Pucker Up: Tips on How to Be a Great Kisser

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Your partner wants to experience what it's like to have close, physical contact with you. Never kiss with a cold mouth. Set the ice cream aside and let your mouth reach body temperature again before going in for a smooch. Don't kiss right after brushing your teeth. Your partner wants to taste you, not your toothpaste or food.

Knowing how to kiss with purpose includes knowing the types of kisses; the affectionate kiss, the passionate kiss and tongue kissing. No matter what type of kiss you're interested in sharing with your partner, having kissable lips will only improve the experience for both of you.

An affectionate kiss is a short, closed-mouth kiss and can be done in public. Its purpose is to help reinforce a couple's bond. Soft lips with a natural shade, or a smudge-proof lip color, practically beg for affectionate kisses. While you don't mind staking your claim, you don't have to leave lipstick stains all over your partner to mark your territory. Let your perfect kiss be the signature.

Kissable Lips for a Passionate Kiss

The passionate kiss is performed with a partly-opened mouth, overlapping another, and usually lasts longer than a minute. It can be the passionate kiss that occurs after a great first date. You know; that "good night kiss" that makes your knees wobbly and awaken the butterflies in your stomach.