Pucker Up: Tips on How to Be a Great Kisser

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  • Mind your breath - Don't eat onion or garlic if you want to smooch any time soon. We're not just talking during the dinner date, but the night before. Because onion and garlic odors originate from the lungs (not the mouth) and can last for 24 to 48 hours, simple brushing or breath mints won't completely erase the smell.
  • Freshen up - That being said, it never hurts to clean out your mouth after consuming tricky foods, so try eating a lemon or a sprig of fresh mint or parsley to cope with the odor.
  • Visit your dentist regularly - If you have lingering bad breath and you can't trace it to a specific food, get to the dentist promptly to see if you have a dental health condition (cavities, tarter, gum disease) that might be causing your bad breath.
  • And just as you want your mouth to smell kissable, your body should also be inviting. Don't douse yourself with strong perfume or cologne, as this may actually repel your partner, instead of encouraging them to snuggle-up.

    How to Kiss With Purpose

    You may know the techniques of how to kiss well, but to get the greatest impact; you should understand how to kiss with purpose. Tailor your kisses to the situation in which they occur. Kissing as part of foreplay should generate heat and a goodnight kiss can be more tender and gentle.