Kama Sutra: What You Should Know

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The use of aphrodisiacs to increase libido, potency and endurance was a well-known practice in ancient India. While some items, such as ram's testicles and monkey feces, may not sound particularly sexy, you can use common foods like honey, pumpkin seeds and ground black pepper to take your desire to new heights.

Positions of the Kama Sutra

While there are 64 different types of sex acts described in the Kama Sutra -- with varying degrees of difficulty -- you can begin slowly incorporating the most common positions into your lovemaking.

Some positions are easily accessible to the novice. For example, the Yawning Position merely requires the woman to lie on her back and place her legs on the man's shoulders. Others may require more flexibility or strength to accomplish. With the Suspended Congress position, the man will stand with his back to the wall while lifting his partner's rear end. The woman, in turn, must hold onto the man's waist with her thighs and push her feet against the wall for additional support.

Keeping your romance and sex life hot is important for any relationship. Fortunately, the Kama Sutra has a number of tips to stimulate both you and your partner.