Yours, Mine, Ours? How to Choose Holiday Destinations Fairly

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The holidays already make families feel like they're being pulled in a million different directions, particularly if kids are involved. But when you and your significant other must split your time among your two families, then the holidays can be even more stressful. So what's a family to do when they're in high demand during the holidays? A few scenarios might be applicable. With people moving farther and farther away from their childhood homes, it's possible you and yours might live many miles away from your parents. So it might work for you to choose one side of the family to visit per year. Perhaps Christmas 2012 can be spent in California with your partner's parents, then Christmas 2013 will be spent with your family in Virginia. Or maybe you have an Everybody Loves Raymond thing going on, where yours or your partner's family lives nearby, but the other set of parents lives far away. Be careful of your time being monopolized by the family that's close - perhaps you want to designate a permanent holiday schedule where you travel on certain holidays, so there's no question each year when it's discussed. It might seem like an ideal scenario if both sides live nearby, but it can be tough to juggle, particularly if each side doesn't like the other side.