Was Your First Date a Success? Find Out

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Most people know after a first date whether the relationship will progress - or if the date was a crushing failure with no hope of blossoming into a romance. But is there any way to figure out whether your first date is going well - while it's happening? Aside from the obvious cues that you're either super into each other or would rather never see each other again, it is possible to pick up on more subtle cues to see how things are progressing.  Most people on first dates are cordial at the very least, but when things get friendlier and more comfortable, that's when you know there's the potential for a second date. Look for these signs. The most obvious clue that he likes you is body language. Watch to see how your date reacts as you engage him in conversation. Is he devoting all his attention to you? Leaning in to get closer? These are all signs that he's interested, particularly if he mimics your movements subtly.