Top Celebrity Relationship Scandals

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Nothing gets the tabloids going like a juicy sex scandal, particularly when it involves a big star or other public figure. Here are a few of the biggest, most scandalous romps in celebrity history. Let's start with one of the oldest – Vanessa Williams. After being crowned the first black Miss America in 1984, 10 months into her reign, Penthouse magazine published photos they'd unearthed from a shoot she did in 1982. Not only were the photos nude, but they also depicted Williams and another female model engaging in sex acts. Williams was forced to resign but went on to a career in music and film. Perhaps the biggest political and sexual scandal ever was that of Bill Clinton, who engaged in an affair with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern, while he was in office. When he proclaimed at a news conference in 1998 that he hadn't had "sexual relations with that woman," he was partially right – the two never engaged in intercourse. However, as the infamous stained blue dress can tell us, the two did have a pretty good time.