The Benefits of Dating a Nerd

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In the classic film Revenge of the Nerds, there's a good reason why the nerds get the girls at the end. These often-overlooked guys have a lot to offer women, if only more women gave them a chance instead of instantly being attracted to the charmer with the sly smile and witty repartee. Do you find yourself reverting to your "high-school type," i.e., the jock or unattainable prom king? Think outside the box and take a look at the guy typing away in the corner on his laptop or playing trivia at the bar. Perhaps he's not as "smooth" as Mr. Popular, but if you give him a moment to articulate his thoughts, then a nerd could knock your socks off with his sincerity, intelligence and sweet disposition. You may not have too many of the same interests, but a nerd is more willing to step outside his comfort zone to learn about the things you care about, even if he's not that into it. When you date a nerd, expect to be given high priority in his life - he'll usually call when he says he will and can impress your parents like nobody's business. Another great thing about a nerd is his humility - he's probably not going to be afraid to laugh at himself and isn't too cool not to indulge in a little silliness. If you're not too keen on his wardrobe or have other issues with his appearance - like replacing those wire-framed glasses with something more stylish -- he probably will be more amenable to making subtle changes. It goes without saying that he's smart, and it's great to have someone who's handy with computers or electrical issues around when things go wrong. Finally, there probably won't be any worries about having to support a nerd financially - smart guys tend to be quietly ambitious and successful in their jobs. So the next time you have the choice, give the nerd a chance.