The 5 Worst Places to Meet a Guy

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There are plenty of places where single guys hang out. That doesn't mean it's where you should expect to find one who's ready for a long-term relationship, however. So here are some places where you're not likely to find Mr. Right...unless you're looking for Mr. Right Now, perhaps. It goes without saying that the hypersexualized environment of a bar or club isn't a good place to meet quality men for several reasons. First, how can you even get to know one another if you're shouting over loud music? When you factor in the alcohol-soaked atmosphere, you and any guy are not going to be at your best, conversationally speaking. If you really think he's worth it, feel free to exchange phone numbers, but don't go anywhere else with him until you both sober up. Casinos are also not great venues for meeting men. Sure, they're there, but are they really the caliber of man you want? The guys there may skew on the sketchy side, so be careful.