Teach Him to Kiss

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Is your man sexy in every other way...besides smooching? Sloppy, wet, too much tongue - sounds like a dog, but unfortunately, men can be bad kissers, too. But like dogs, men can be trained! First, consider the length of time you've been together. Is it a first kiss that's got you down? No worries - it could be that he's anxious, nervous or just preoccupied with the fact that he's actually kissing you and not paying attention to his performance. Give him another chance to lay one on you in a comfortable and more private environment. Perhaps a new man just isn't what you're used to. If you got used to your ex's way of kissing, then it might take some time to warm up to the new guy's smooches, and that's OK. If you've been dating for a few months and his crappy kissing is really bringing you down, then it's time for a little intervention. Examine how you kiss first - kiss your man the way you'd like to be kissed, and perhaps he'll learn from your example.