Taking Care of Your Poor, Sick Guy

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He's a big, strong man who will slay dragons and open doors for old ladies – until he catches the sniffles, that is. We're talking about guys who go from alpha male to pathetic baby before you can say "Tamiflu." It may seem super-annoying that the world seems to revolve around your sick significant other, but if you're a woman, there may be a reason why illness seems to affect men so significantly. Think about it – many women deal with feeling crappy once a month as part of their menstrual cycle. Or we're too busy with work, kids and life in general to be able to slow down when we're sick, so we simply power through it. Guys aren't used to having to do that, so many of them simply shut down and regress into whiny mode. After all, he may really believe death is near! So here are a few ways to cope with the constant complaining, while also showing your man a little TLC. First, ensure that he has everything he needs within arm's reach.