How to Write a Love Letter

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Actions usually speak louder than words, but when you take action to put your words onto paper, then you just might create something magical. We're talking about writing a good, old-fashioned love letter. It's a lost art in this age of technology, but going old school to show your beloved how much he or she means to you goes a long way. Simply taking the time to sit down with good stationery and a pen to put your amorous thoughts on paper is an effort that says a lot more than a quick text or quickly composed email. Plus, it's not only an expression of your thoughts - it's also a keepsake that can be treasured forever. Start writing your love letter by setting aside enough time to get the job done right - you don't want to rush it. Use nice stationery, not just a page ripped out of a notebook, to convey the value you have for your partner. Perhaps as inspiration, you can play romantic music or "your song" to put yourself in a loving mood. Use your partner's pet name, whether it's "darling," "sweetheart" or something else in the greeting of the letter, and be sure to date it. It might help to jot down a few notes as a guide on your love and how being involved with your partner has changed your life for the better. Add the hopes and dreams you have for your relationship as it progresses into the future. As you end your letter, try thinking of a closing that's more unique than just "Love" and your name. "Loving you forever," "All my love" and other closings are great. You might spray some light fragrance on your completed letter. And you may choose to mail your letter if you don't live together - it's always exciting to receive a handwritten letter in the mailbox. Try tucking the letter into a briefcase or purse on the sly if you live with your partner - it'll be a welcome surprise!