Design Your Bedroom for Love

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Creating the perfect environment that stokes the fires of intimacy and passion while still promoting restful sleep and a relaxing retreat can be difficult. But if you notice that your lovers skulk off into the sunrise, never to be seen or heard from again, then it might be time for a change. Likewise, if the spark is going out of your current long-term relationship, shaking things up in the bedroom might be the way to reignite the passion. First, look around for the items that need to be put out of sight. These include those stuffed animals or other childhood items that you're attached to. Keep them around for sentimental value, but move them to a guest room or somewhere where a potential lover won't see them and be forced to think of you as a child. Along those lines, do your best to keep pets and their beds out of your room. It's disruptive and downright creepy to look up from lovemaking and make eye contact with Fido or Fluffy. Next, do your best to keep technology - laptops, phones and even TVs - out of the bedroom. If your focus is on one of those items, then you're leaving out your lover.