Be a Relationship Role Model

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As kids grow up, they learn about how to interact with others by watching their parents or guardians interacting with one another. So it's important as you raise kids to understand that you may be establishing relationship patterns that they'll emulate when they grow up and take on romantic partners. Things don't always have to be hunky-dory, nor do you have to fake a happy, harmonious demeanor for kids. But a few principles of your relationship should always shine through, including forgiveness, respect, discipline and generosity. It's OK for kids to see an argument take place between their guardians - but it's more important to show them how to forgive and that love will endure after the argument. Work to find the source of the hurt and disagreement instead of simmering over an argument or giving your partner the silent treatment. Doing whatever you feel like in a relationship or striving to achieve objectives without compromise doesn't teach a child how to enact discipline in a relationship or within themselves. Stability and structure are what kids thrive on, not spontaneity and unpredictability. Tone down the drama and high emotion that can prohibit that feeling of safety and trust that kids need. Sometimes it's difficult for people who didn't grow up in a stable home or with parents who didn't have a solid relationship to model a healthy relationship for their own kids. But it can be done with the help of a loving partner and perhaps behavioral therapy. It's a skill worth passing on to future generations.