A Lesson on Forgiveness

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"Forgive and forget" goes the old saying. But when you've been wronged, forgiving the person who hurt you is easier said than done. And it may even seem ludicrous to even consider allowing someone to "get away with" whatever transgression they committed against you. But when you consider the benefits that forgiveness brings to the person doing the forgiving, then you may just try to build a bridge and work to achieve the peace you – and the person who wronged you – need. Forgiveness involves the willingness to let go of resentment, anger and retaliation that you harbor when someone hurts you. Notice the word "forget" doesn't even have to be involved. The incident may leave an indelible impression, and that's OK most of the time. It's what you do with your negative emotions that matters most. When you remain unforgiving, for example, after a relationship betrayal, you may take those feelings of mistrust and anger into the next relationship you try to forge. Injecting that much toxic emotion can speed the destruction of the relationship.