Should You Be More Than Friends?

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When Harry met Sally, they hated each other. Then they became best friends, lovers and finally spouses. If you think this silver screen relationship trajectory is one that you and your friend of the opposite sex should follow in real life, then here are a few tips to determine if you're better friends or lovers. First of all, examine the impact that a romantic relationship would have on your current platonic affection for each other. It's one thing to argue and forgive one another as friends. But if things just don't work out, your or he might take it hard and decide to end the friendship as well as the romantic relationship. Is that a gamble you're willing to take? Assess your feelings for your friend. Of course you feel affection and a sense of closeness with him. But can you envision going to bed with him? Holding hands walking down the street? Professing your love for each other?