Improve Your Performance in Bed

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Nobody wants to think they're bad in bed, but sadly, you might be ruining your game with certain bedtime habits. Take a look at your surroundings, your performance and your routines to see if you might be turning him off. First, does your boudoir look more like an office than a love nest? Nothing can kill the mood faster than mountains of paperwork, buzzing blackberries and the harsh glow of a laptop. Try to keep your corporate life separate from your sex life. Next, take a look at your sex life as a whole. Have you both fallen into a routine? Things get a lot less exciting when everyone knows what to expect and when to expect it. Obviously, there's no need to get crazy and try things no one is comfortable with, but simply switching the usual day, location and position can work wonders. And with our busy lives, most everyone is tired and ready to go to sleep at a certain hour each night.