When to Run from the Palm Reader

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By Sara Sirolli

Palmistry is one of those subjects, like politics and religion, that evokes strong opinions, usually for or against. It surprises me that in this day and age and in this atmosphere of information sharing there are still so many gray areas surrounding the science!

Without "letting the cat out the bag" essentially a very large part of palm reading is highlighting characteristics and personal traits which are mostly already known to the individual. Whether we like it or not our thoughts and deeds are reflected in our hands (and feet) and arts like Palmistry and Reflexology take advantage of this fact. The impact of this surprise is magnified when we hear our personalities dissected and summarized by a total stranger!

It's true that palmistry had a rocky beginning in Europe with the Catholic church - billed as competition. However, I think that a lot of bad press surrounding Palmistry has also been generated by some unscrupulous practitioners who promise more than they can deliver or worse...

In the 12 years that I have been practicing palmistry I have heard some disheartening stories that do the trade an injustice. In trying to help those that have a genuine interest in the art and hopefully weed out those practitioners that give the science a bad name I have compiled a short "when to run" list.

Start running if: