The Power of the Feng Shui Colors

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Feng shui is basically the art of incorporating happiness and prosperity in a home by making some changes in the house of office. And according to feng shui, one thing that has lots of influence in your day to day luck is the color around you. With the right knowledge of colors, you will be able to incorporate harmony in your house and working space. Basically, feng shui colors are based on the five elements, water, fire, wood, earth and metal.

Water is represented by the colors black and blue, and all its shades. So if you want more of water in your room, you can do so by adding as much of these colors in the room as possible. Wood is an element that is represented by all the shades of green. So if you want more of wood in your home, it can be achieved by either painting the room green or by adding as many green objects to the room as possible. Fire is the element that is represented by red, maroon and pink. So the more objects or paint of this color there is in the room, the more of fire that is incorporated in the room.

Now, here are some more tips of incorporating luck and prosperity in life with the help of feng shui and the colors associated with the remaining two elements. According to feng shui, the colors associated with the element earth are orange, brown and yellow. The colors representing the element metal are silver, gold, white and gray. So if you want more of metal in your home, instead of painting things these colors, you could consider placing statues of these colors or perhaps gold or silver paintings.

It is left to you to decide what changes you intend to make in the colors of your home to get more of the respective elements. Besides the things placed and found inside your home, feng shui states that the house position also determines the colors that have to be used in its exterior. Houses facing south should be painted gray, blue or white while those houses facing SW should be painted either red or earth shades.