The Most Important Feng Shui Rules for the Bedroom

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Feng shui rules for the bedroom advocates creating space for couples and not solitary furnishing. Having only one nightstand or space on one side of the bed indicates solitude, which can hold your single status in place. If you are single, but don't want to remain so, work at decorating your bedroom like there is a partner there.

Symmetry is the key in feng shui where light stands and lamps have to be positioned on both sides of the bed. Work at decorating the bedroom in pairs or multiples. Instead of placing a single flower in a vase, place a bunch of flowers. Feng shui rules include hanging art showing romance and unity as this art creates a sense of balance and abundance in the room.

According to feng shui rules, the right corner of the bedroom is the love center. So no matter if you are single or a couple, you have to build a love shrine in this spot. This can be done by placing a table, dresser or shelf in this corner. Place a picture of yourself and your partner, a heart shaped box, books on romantic poetry and a pair of candles on it. Maybe even a thriving plant with wound and not spiky leaves or some silk plants or flowers could be added to this love shrine. However, never leave any sick flowers or dried foliage as this obviously symbolizes that your love life is sick and dry too.

It is quite normal for one to have double beds in a bedroom; however, feng shui rules condemn the use of king-sized beds. This is because using these beds in the bedroom tends to form a physical gap between you and your partner, and not promote your relationship. Moreover, these beds are usually split in the middle with two box springs. This can create a symbolic line between partners and in turn, affect their unity. However if you can't afford to change your king bed, bedroom feng shui suggests placing a red sheet over the box springs. Feng shui rules say that this will help unify the two different halves of the bed.