Tarot and Wellness

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Low energy or lack of motivation might call out for the directed energy of the Chariot or the Sun.

Distractibility or nervousness could require the focused inferiority of the Hermit. An upset stomach might be calmed by Temperance

Insomnia could be abated by the Moon. As well, the Moon offers the encouragement to deal with the"shadows," those nagging hurts, pain, frustrations, guilt and even vindictiveness that keeps you awake at night. It encourages you to be prepared to face the "unknown," that is Tomorrow.

Empress conditions: feminine body-related, fertility-related, reproductive disorders, PMS, eating disorders. What Empress character does one have too much of? Try to balance with the High Priestess, if there is a need to be more in touch with one's psychic energies; or the Sun, if there is a need to be more rational and less emotional.

James Wanless, creator of the Voyager deck found himself with chronic fatigue syndrome. This low-energy syndrome might need the boosting energy of the Charioteer the Sun, driven by a highly demanding career, he lost his balance, slipping in over identification with the Chariot. His remedy was to focus on the feminine, passive energy of the Empress.