Tarot and Wellness

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Tarot images have been used to create positive affirmations, or explore the emotional background of an illness. This will certainly do no harm, it might even do considerable good.

Tarot can be used as a tool to explore the realms of wellness, the harmony of mind, body and spirit. The most potent applications of any symbolic therapy will be to reach the body through the gateway of the unconscious, that part of us we do not see, we cannot touch, yet we can bring into harmony with our total being and trust that it will open our world to the Universal abundance that is available to all of us.

Our well being does not just cover the physical and mental self. We draw strength from our Higher or Innerself to stimulate and develop our creativity, our intuition, that "gut" feeling we all experience. It is that voice within that sets off alarm signals when things start to draw negativities around us.

When we discover this mind-body connection, this helps us to maintain a positive outlook. In this respect, Tarot has a lot to offer.

On a very basic level, working with Tarot stimulates and strengthens right brain competence, the most synthetic, intuitive and creative side of the brain.

Tarot has been used in meditation for some time. To take this further, think about what aspect of the psyche or of the body is in need of strengthening or nurturing. Then choose a card that feels right to you. Use this card in meditation as you ponder on results you hope to achieve.

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