Buying a House with Good Feng Shui

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Avoid buying a house that has hostile hills (such as protruding rocks) or harmful structures that is pointing directly at the house. As a rule of thumb, it is also not advisable to live in close proximity to places like:

1) Power transmitter tower, telecommunication station and satellite disc 2) Police station and military camp 3) Hospital, mortuary, crematorium and casket 4) Overhead expressway and train tracks 5) T-junction, Y junction, cross road junction 6) Places of worship 7) Cemetery 8) Industrial park

Roads and highways are like the arteries of the terrain that carries the qi to each house. The flow of qi from the road is viewed to have the same effect as a river. Houses that is located near to a busy road or the airport will tends to feel the ground vibration from the fast moving traffic or low flying aircraft. These vibrations will cause the house to tremble, thereby, giving a psychological effect that the house is collapsing. A long-term exposure to such high intensity of air and noise pollution will undoubtedly affect one's rest, mood, health and destiny.

Here are some useful guidelines to evaluate the effects of destructive road patterns:

1) Avoid a house that is facing a T-Junction, Y-Junction or dead end road. The onrushing qi from the vehicles will affect the health and luck of the occupants. 2) Avoid a house that is facing a destructive knife like road or train track, which tends to bring misfortunes such as accidents, health problems and financial woes. 3) Avoid choosing an apartment that is situated directly above the entrance to the basement car park. The constant movement of cars beneath the house will weaken the foundation of the house, thereby, affecting the health and luck of the occupants. 4) Avoid choosing a house that is overlooking the multi-storey car park. The headlights from the moving cars tend to shine into the house, which will in turn affect one's concentration, mood and luck.

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