7 Important Tarot Cards in the Major Arcana

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The card is considered a positive building block when it comes up during a reading, a sign of good things to come.

Wheel of Fortune -- Card ten is the Wheel of Fortune. It is thought to stand for opportunities, possibilities and destiny, as well as fate, activity and life cycles. There is a strong karmic connection with the Wheel of Fortune card. The idea of "what comes around, goes around" is widely believed to exist within the Wheel of Fortune. The card also represents random chance, with the Wheel most likely standing for all the choices one makes and their positive and negative outcomes.

Judgment -- Card twenty in the tarot deck is Judgment. This is an almost universally positive card that most readers interpret to stand for hope, renewal, redemption and absolution. Even though with Judgment, there is a positive and negative side, this card is almost always thought to be a positive.

The tarot deck is filled with dozens of interesting stories and interpretations. The cards listed here can mean many different things based on the question asked, the interpretation and if the card is reversed or not. The energy and magic of tarot is eternal and it awaits your questions today.

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