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Scientologists Think Tom Cruise Is a Joke
Posted: Monday, May 10, 2010

It looks like Tom Cruise has been betrayed by one of his own. We always thought the Mission Impossible star was a little crazy... and obviously we aren't alone. Apparently, people in his own camp - his fellow Xenu followers - feel the same way. As one of the most recognized Scientologists ever, the actor has been a staunch supporter of the religion and a devoted follower of L. Ron Hubbard. Sadly, it appears the same can't be said of the couch-jumping, meds-hating thespian's fellow Scientologists. According to widespread media reports, Scientology guru David Miscavige seriously stabbed Cruise in the back when he recorded confessional sessions of Cruise and then used the transcripts at parties for entertainment value. At least that's what former Scientologist Mark Rathbun revealed in his blog. Rathbun has come forward and said that Miscavige ordered him to videotape Cruise in a VIP auditing room when he was clearing his conscience. He then ordered Rathbun to transcribe the confession. Miscavige would then throw whiskey parties where there would be "joking and laughing" over Cruise's confessions. So far the contents of those admissions have not been revealed. Hopefully for Cruise's sake, it had nothing to do with his long-questioned sexuality or the lifts he supposedly wears in his shoes. Right about now, we bet Miscavige wishes a spaceship would take him away.

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