Organics vs. Nonorganics

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Do you spend a little more on organic or stick with the regular non-organic fruit? It all depends on the fruits you are buying. Here's a great rule of thumb to remember -- thin skin, go organic and thick skin, it's ok to go non-organic.

Purchase your organic fruits in the produce, canned and frozen food aisles of your local grocery store. Expect to pay a little more for organic. That's because you're consuming the cost of enjoying organic fruits that are pesticide free and taste just as yummy as regular produce.

The only difference you may see is that organic fruit will tend to be smaller and not as perfect in appearance. They have not been waxed and grown with pesticides, which is actually a good thing.

Fruits with thin skin like grapes, apples, pears, and all berries should be purchased pesticide-free. After all, simple washing of fruit does not rid it of pesticides.

As prices for organic fruits are steadily lowering, many families are going organic when it comes to produce. Read your weekly fliers and purchase fresh, canned, and frozen fruits when on sale.

Many fruits freeze well. Wash them gently in cold water, strain extra water out, let dry on a towel, cut up or place in small single serve freezer bags. Cutting up and freezing your own fruit is a great way to have healthy snack options available for your family all the time and make you hard-earned dollar last longer.