How to Shop Green and Spend Less

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For example, as ordinary Americans have become conscious of shopping for food grown without chemical pesticides, supermarkets have begun marketing store brands of low-priced organic foods. Safeway introduced its O brand, an organic line that includes 150 products across the store, from bread to olive oil to yogurt. They even deliver your food, too! Whole Foods has a popular brand called 365, which includes competitively priced organic and all-natural products. Not only are these products cheaper than name-brand organics, but they're also often cheaper than the non-organic alternative. A 15-ounce can of O organic black beans costs $1.05. Whole Foods' 365 label organic beans are 99 cents. Compare that to a can of Bush's Best beans, on the shelf at Safeway for $1.39. A bag of O pasta costs $ 1.95 -- just slightly more than a box of Barilla brand pasta, which sells for $1.79. But a bag of Whole Foods' 365 organic pasta costs $1.29 -- a savings of 50 cents a bag!

If we all begin to shop green and demand environmentally friendly products and services, then companies will keep delivering them at more and more affordable prices. I believe it won't be very long before the cost of green products reaches parity with non-green products, and not much longer after that before the green alternatives become cheaper.