Classic Comfort Foods Made Healthy

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What's more comforting after a bad day -- or a good one for that matter -- than grandma's homemade chocolate-chip cookies?

The memories of those sticky sweet indulgences take us back to our childhoods or keep us company when we're blue, but consuming these traditional comfort foods can often times be less healthy than they are delicious. Take heart, serving up these traditional comfort foods doesn't have to mean taking a risk with your health. If you crave comfort foods but seek to be more health conscious in your choices, consider these healthy alternatives to the traditional recipes.

Say Cheese!

When making homemade macaroni and cheese, substitute whole wheat elbow macaroni in place traditional elbow pasta. Whole wheat pasta is a delicious source of whole grain nutrients. Boil pasta in organic chicken stock for added flavor and substitute low-fat cheese. Use non-fat or 1% milk and leave out the raw egg. Never include mix-ins such as ham or bacon, which add unnecessary calories and fat to an already rich and rewarding dish. Finally, consider smaller portions. Macaroni and cheese makes an excellent side dish to a healthy main course such as lean pork or turkey roast.