5 Simple Summer Drinks

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Holy Watermelon Bomb

(Adapted from Cynthia Rowley and Ilene Rosenzweig's recipe "Watermelon Bomb")

Not interested in avoiding toxins? Would you rather spend all summer partying? Then a Watermelon Bomb is just the drink for you and your 10 closest friends.

The ultimate party favor, this behemoth is fun to drink and to make. If you can carve 10 minutes out of your day then you can carve yourself a Watermelon Bomb.

Grab a seedless watermelon. Carve off the top and place it to the side. Find the longest knife in the kitchen and poke it around the inside of the watermelon. Drop in some ice to keep your little fruit fridge chilled, and pour the desired alcohol inside. Clear liquors are best; vodka can mix with most anything and rum has always been a good summer standby. Gin isn't so great because of the strong juniper flavor.

Stir the inside with a long spoon. Dig a big nail out of the toolbox and pound in some holes towards the top of the melon. Slide straws through the holes and tote your jumbo cocktail anywhere! It is portable, comes with its own replaceable top to keep the contents chilled, and you can sip on this behemoth until the sun goes down. It's the perfect summer party favor.

Lotus Blossom

(Reprinted with permission from Moonchine Asian Bistro, Miami, Florida)

Does spending all day at the beach sound too exhausting? Do you prefer to relax by shopping in air-conditioned boutiques? Try a Lotus Blossom on the sun deck when you return home and enjoy the sophisticated flavors of champagne and pomegranate.

You only need 2 ingredients for this one: champagne and pomegranate juice. Essentially, it is a tart twist on the Bellini.

  • Pour pomegranate juice into the bottom of a champagne flute, about 1.5 oz.
  • Top off with champagne

That's it. Minimal work for a tasty cocktail. Plus, who doesn't love sipping daintily out of a champagne flute. If you would like a drink with a little more punch, substitute the pomegranate juice with a pomegranate flavored liqueur, like Pama.