The Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

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The benefits also appear to be more evident when wine is consumed with a meal, and the recommended amount for men is one to two glasses, or four to eight ounces, while women are encouraged to drink only one glass.


On the other hand, four or more glasses of wine reverse the health benefits and can actually cause severe problems in many cases. The flavor, aroma and the body texture of wine can accent a fine meal and many people choose wine with dinner for that exact reason, and specific wines may even be recommended for certain types of meat or certain dishes.

For those who do not care to drink wine, it also makes a good additive when used during cooking and the benefits may be incorporated into a daily eating regiment in that manner. Wine can be used in place of oil and butter, therefore reducing potential health threats from those substances, in addition to its own positive attributes.

It also works as a microbacterial agent and can extend the shelf life of foods, and certain wines are formulated with that benefit in mind. Some popular wines that are used in cooking are Chablis, Marsala, Madeira, Sherry, and Burgundy. Darker wines are recommended for beef, while white wines may add greater flavor to lighter meats such as chicken.