MUST-READ: Signs You Need Glasses

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I spy, with my little eye, something blurry... 

Whether you're stubborn or just truly unsure if you need glasses, there are several ways to tell for sure. Your best bet is to check with an optometrist, but we've lined up some things to consider to determine if it's the right time to consult a doctor. Keep an eye on these signs you need glasses. 

What's Wrong with This Picture? 

Do you experience blurred vision when you read or look at something close-up? Do you find that it is hard to see things that are far away, such as street signs or objects on the horizon? Do you have trouble seeing things both far away and close up? Is it harder for you to see things at night than it is for you to see things during the day? Have you ever felt like it is harder to adjust your eyes when you are changing from bright to dark surroundings, or vice versa? Is it tough to read or spend time working at a computer or looking at a computer screen? Are you straining your eyes frequently? Are your eyes tired or fatigued? Do you suffer from headaches often? Do you ever experience double vision? Do you sometimes see halos around light?