Moles or Skin Cancer: How to Tell the Difference

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The Two Types of Skin Cancer 

The types of moles that you should worry about are melanomas or non-melanomas. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. These two types of skin cancer vary in diagnosis and treatment, but it's important to know their signs and differences. 

Melanomas are the most dangerous form of skin cancer. They are rarer but are far more problematic. Melanomas cause malignant, or dangerous, tumors that can spread to different parts of the body. They begin in a part of the skin called the melanocyte, which creates melatonin. This is why they are often brown or black in color. Melanomas often appear on the back or chest in men and on the legs in women. 

It's important to note that people with darker skin have less risk of developing melanomas, but they still can get melanomas. Everyone should check for skin cancer, no matter their skin color or amount of sun exposure.