Dark Chocolate for Heart Health

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by Richard van Beek

Researchers are actually telling us to eat dark chocolate for heart health. How is this possible? Up until now, we've always thought chocolate was bad for us!

It turns out that dark chocolate made from unprocessed cocoa contains high amounts of flavonoids and phytochemicals. These are antioxidants found in nutritious foods like raisins, prunes, acai berries, and blueberries. Cocoa has an incredibly high amount of these antioxidants, and science has found a way to preserve them by cold pressing the cocoa.

It's not just hype from the chocolate manufacturers. Here are the results of just four scientific, placebo-controlled studies recently conducted by medical doctors and universities all over the world, to prove that we can eat dark chocolate for heart health without any guilt.

A study by the American College of Cardiology found that blood flow increased significantly in individuals who consumed cocoa for six weeks. They concluded that more studies need to be done to determine how much cocoa makes a difference.