5 Causes of Diabetes: Are You at Risk?

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Gestational diabetes most often occurs in the later stages of pregnancy. Women who were overweight or obese prior to becoming pregnant are more prone to gestational diabetes. Also on the watchlist are those moms-to-be with a family history of diabetes. 

The good news is gestational diabetes is provisional and most cases clear up post-delivery. On the flipside, developing gestational diabetes puts women at a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life. Likewise, children of mothers who had gestational diabetes are more likely to suffer from obesity and develop Type 2 diabetes. 

Prevention is the Best Medicine 

While it's hard to dodge the genetics bullet as a risk factor, there are plenty of ways to wage war against diabetes. Obviously, consuming a balanced diet and engaging in regular exercise are a recurring theme -- and with good reason.

Studies show that people who engage in a regular exercise plan and keep their weight at healthy levels tend to have lower occurrences of diabetes and related conditions such as insulin resistance.