5 Causes of Diabetes: Are You at Risk?

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Fueling the Diabetic Fire: Smoking 

Just as there is nothing good to say about obesity, there are absolutely no perks to lighting up. Zero. Zip. Zilch. The chemicals found in tobacco damage blood vessels, decrease the amount of oxygen delivered to cells, raise LDL and boost blood pressure. 

Smoking doesn't just wreak havoc on the respiratory system; it drags the cardiovascular system down with it. Of course, a healthy cardio system is necessary for the pancreas to deliver insulin properly and control blood sugar levels. No butts about it, where there's smoke, there's often diabetes. 

The Mother of All Problems: Pregnancy & Gestational Diabetes 

Oh, baby! Diabetes can be a serious issue for expecting moms. Believe it or not, pregnancy causes the onset of a temporary type of diabetes known as gestational diabetes. The hormones produced by the placenta and other pregnancy-related factors contribute to insulin resistance, which was previously noted as a precursor of diabetes.