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ImageWhen following the Core Plan, members revolve their eating habits around wholesome foods from all the food groups. Regardless of which approach you choose, you'll have access to the online POINTS tracker, the core food list and the online weight tracker, along with a slew of diet tools. With the POINTS tracker, you'll be able research the values ofat least than 27,000 foods.

In addition, you will have access to hundreds of recipes and meal ideas, as well as a restaurant guide and a cooking guide. There's also plenty of tips and advice for the determined dieter. Beyond expert guidance from a team of weight-loss professionals, members also have the ability to conntect with others going through the same experiences within the online community.

The cost of the program varies based on whichever plan you sign up for. Costs range from $65 for the first three months and $16.95 for extra months. Or there is the standard monthly plan for $46.90 and $16.95 for each month after.

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