Abs Diet for Women

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ImageAll of the Abs Diet Powerfoods are crucial. They are not hard to remember, because of the ABS DIET POWER acronym:

A Almonds and nuts
B Beans
S Spinach and green vegetables

D Dairy, low-fat
I Instant oatmeal
E Eggs
T Turkey and lean meats

P Peanut butter, all-natural
O Olive oil
W Whole grains
E Extra protein (whey)
R Raspberries and other berries

Center your meals around those Powerfoods and you will fuel your body with the necessary nutrients-protein, good carbs, good fat, fiber. Pay special attention to protein because it helps build that meal muscle that will help burn fat faster.

The magic bullet is the exercise plan - a circuit of exercises that both gets your hear rate up and also adds lean, toned muscle, which in itself will increase the rate in which you burn fat. A total body workout, the Abs Diet for Women targets the legs, upper body, abs and has a high-intensity interval session to boost metabolic rate.